Vitor Costa Advogados
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Our Practice
Business Laws, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Reestructuring and Capital Markets
Vitor Costa Advogados has vast experience in business laws, acquired with its participation in the incorporation, transformation, merger, spin-off and consolidation processes of all types of Brazilian companies, acquisitions, restructurings, reorganizations, joint ventures, associations, partnerships, among other processes.The firm participates in transactions involving the acquisition of companies and assets, conducting due diligence proceedings and assisting its clients in the identification of contingencies.

Specializing in the capital market, Vitor Costa Advogados has extensive experience with publicly-traded companies, working with all segments of access to the Brazilian capital market.

The legal team at Vitor Costa Advogados works on the preparation and negotiation of contracts, particularly purchase and sale agreements, leases, loan, funding, and service agreements, distribution, agency, brokerage, commercial representation agreements, debt assumption and credit assignment instruments.

The firm represents the interests of various foreign companies with subsidiaries and partnerships in Brazil, in addition to assisting their import and export processes, international and local trade.